Wednesday 17 October 2012

Review - Kadria Baby Balm

 - By Emi

Well, I am a very lucky girl indeed!

Earlier this year, I was chosen to review some products for The Green Parent magazine. Soon, a box full of lovely goodies arrived, and I went in to raptures over the sheer amount of products in there!

However, there was one that really stood out. A product that I Could Not Fault.

Enter stage left: Kadria Baby Balm.
I mean, come on! Look at that packaging!

I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of cutesy-packaged baby products, so this really appealed to me. It looks grown up and elegant. The simple black and white colour scheme is carried through the entire range, and makes me feel like an adult woman for a moment, briefly forgetting the smushed banana in my hair, the damp patch on my top where the toddler spilled juice on me, the paint on my jeans... Heaven. (And we haven't even opened the bottle yet!)

Once you get inside (packaging is remarkably toddler-proof! Yay!), a big sniff of the contents transports you to another world. Deep frankincense notes mix with an underlying layer of lavender.

The yellow balm is super rich and effortlessly creamy. Add in to the mix the fact that this balm doesn't stain our cloth nappies... well... it just gets better and better.

What's that?

You want more from a baby balm than just a good smell and pretty labels?

You need it to be fairtrade? And made from organic and wild-harvested plants? No alcohol? Vegan friendly? Suitable for sensitive baba skin? Suitable for use on with eczema and psoriasis?


*points at the Kadria*

It's also not tested on animals, the packaging is biodegradable, and the shea butter comes from a cooperative in Ghana, so you're supporting them too!

I rave about this stuff to ALL mothers.

Now, admittedly, you may shy away at the idea of £14 for a baby balm, but trust me, this is so worth it! The tiniest bit goes a long, long way, so it lasts a really long time. Not only that, knowing that it really is a high-quality product, so you truly get what you pay for.

And you know what else? All Kadria products are made in small batches by a wonderful, British, WAHM named Rebecca, who has two children of her own so she *knows* first-hand what a balm needs to be.

If you want to treat yourself and your baby to some of this crazily-gorgeous balm or anything else from this equally sweet range, head on over to the Kadria Etsy store or the Kadria website.

And you know what?

I think I know a very special, newly preggy Crafty by Nurture Mama who might be getting some Kadria Baby Balm in her Yule stocking if she's a very, very good girl...

Even better, we'll be bringing you an interview with Rebecca, the founder of Kadria, very soon!


  1. This isn't a comment about the product here (far too expensive for me, sorry! Great as it sounds, I don't spend that much on myself in the average month nevermind on just one thing). ANYWAY, I had an idea for a post for you & Kendal - I have often wondered how you both manage to fit so much into your lives. I have one son (8.5 months) and find I have almost zero free time, maybe 3 hours on a very good day, and for a lot of that I'm too tired to do anything, and I need to do a lot of boring stuff in that time too, e.g. housework, personal admin like paying bills etc. (I do have a partner, but he works fulltime and is spending most of his free time lately doing essential DIY on our house, which needs to be done for the place to be habitable!). Whilst my son is awake I am interacting with him pretty much constantly, which I love, but I am amazed at how you two manage to be attentive parents (to more than one child each, too, even if Kendal's second isn't here yet) and have other hobbies too. I'd love to see an outline of a "day in the life" for each of you, for example :). x

    1. Hannah, I think that's a great idea! Might be worth doing a weekday and a weekend, as I know K's days are a different when Howard is at home, as mine are when Stephen is at home.

      I really like that idea! Will get on it!

      (And for the meantime, it involves - for me, at least - lots of lists, a love of late nights and a lovely husband! And chai. Lots of chai!)

      E, x

    2. Great idea for a post, but honestly it's a myth to think anyone gets that much done! My productivity went up hugely once Ava started sleeping from 8pm onwards with little waking. It meant I had the evenings once again and since I've always been a night owl I suddenly had time to do things!
      I don't recall getting much done at all for the first 7 or 8 months of Ava's life...she needed me constantly so that was that. It was a miracle if I got dressed some days. I remember feelling in awe of parents who Got Things Done.
      Right now, because it takes all my energy to be mindful with Ava, I am really not being so productive but that's okay..I need sleep in the evenings! Xx

    3. Pixie is 13 months old, and sometimes I STILL spend the day in pajamas! ;)

      I feel like I never get enough done, and agree with Kendal that it is a myth that some people Do *ALL* The Things!

  2. Do I have to have a baby to get this? Loltimes!