Monday 22 October 2012

Homemade Muesli

~by Kendal

A few years ago whilst I was living in London I went on a bit of a health kick after a particularly unhealthy period. I was incredibly busy doing a full time MA and teaching too, so I was always trying to find high energy healthy foods to eat. Enter oats. And all their terrific health inducing properties (like naturally boosting your milk supply if you are a breastfeeding Mama!) Not to mention, they gave me just the energy kick I was after without the crash that usually follows.

The only trouble is I didn’t like porridge much, so I started to try different kinds of muesli, and eventually settled on my own, tweaked, much loved muesli recipe which is still one of my favourite things to eat to this day.

There’s no actual baking or cooking required in this recipe, but it is so delicious and so nutritious that I really wanted to share it with you. It is usually my breakfast of choice and my favourite any-time-of-day pregnancy snack. In fact I’m thinking of making up jars of this as Yule gifts for friends and family.

There are 3 tips to making this muesli above and beyond delicious.

1. You must use organic dried apricots instead of ordinary dried apricots. The difference is very noticeable and changes the taste entirely.
2. Once everything is added, sprinkle a generous amount of cinnamon on top and give it a good mix. 
3. Always add some fresh fruit before serving. Nothing beats a combination of blueberries and chopped apples, so I urge you to start there.


Large bag of Organic Muesli mix or Organic jumbo oats
Bag of brazil nuts
Bag of seed mix ( I use an omega 3 seed mix)
Bag of dried, organic apricots
Large sprinkle of cinnamon
Chopped up apples and blueberries (or fruit of your choice)
Milk/soy milk

(I usually get all of these from my local Holland & Barrett)

How to

I mix up a large batch in one go because it’s so tasty and so healthy I want to eat this all the time.

Put all your oats/muesli flakes into a large jar. Chop up the brazil nuts and cut the dried apricots into little bits. (You can also use any combination of other nuts or dried fruit, but this is the yummiest combination I've found yet). Add in all the seeds. Give it a good mix.

When ready to serve, add your milk and leave it to steep for a few minutes, which makes everything get a little soft. Then add your blueberries, chopped apples and cinammon, and give it a good mix.


Then enjoy again, later. And later still. Yummy and super good for you!


(If you have any left over oats, you can always use them as an amazing facial scrub - Just put some in a bowl, add a little hot water, mix up and then slather all over your face. Messy and icky but fun. Rub in gently then rinse off. Follow up by slathering some honey all over your face and leaving it there for half an hour and you will have the most glowing, soft, radiant skin you can imagine!)


  1. I too make my own muesli as I find the shop ones too sweet. I make up the base too with oats, malted flakes, barley, buckwheat and want ever else I fancy from the health food shop!

    1. My husband likes his with raisons instead of apricots, and maple syrup! I love all the different ways to eat it.


  2. Is this your secret to perfect skin?!

  3. Ha ha...I think unfortunately that skin condition is largely down to genetics. Of all the body issues I've ever had, skin problems has never been one, even when I've been really unhealthy! I don't do anything at all to my skin but if I ever fancy doing something, it's the oats and honey trick (I did it twice a week for a few weeks before my wedding and my makeup artists thought I'd been having facials - it's *that* good!)

    And water, lots of water!


  4. What were you doing your MA in? The muesli looks lovely too, but I would substitute the apricots for dried cranberries!


    1. I was doing it in Creative Writing at Goldsmiths. It was...interesting!

    2. I've heard good things about Goldsmiths!


    3. Hmm, it wasn't for me to be honest. I had to choose between an MA there in writing or an MA in film at Kings, and I chose Goldsmiths because it seemed to make more sense given that I'd just done an English degree. I wish I'd chosen film!

      I have previously studied with a writer and teacher in North Carolina for 6 months - quite possibly the best 6 months of my life, in many ways - and I hoped the course would be something similar to that, but it couldn't have been more different.

      Ah well!