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Greetings all! I'm Emi, a 26 year old Pagan from York, Mama to two lovely Littles, Reuben (3 years) and Pixie (1 year), housestaff to four cats, and wife to Stephen.

My life revolves around my family, and one of mine and Stephen's main motivations is to lead Reuben and Pixie through their lives, learning to be independent, kind, responsible, creative, free spirits. We work hard to encourage their learning of the world through play, as well as through our daily and weekly rhythms.

Our home is very creative, often inspired by Waldorf and Steiner teachings, with an eclectic musical soundtrack of country, metal and rock!

I also have my own business, MamaPixie, which you can find on Etsy and on Facebook! I make and sell bespoke quilts, beautiful children's cloaks and clothing, and dye my own playsilks!


I’m Kendal Mosley-Chalk, Mama, writer, crafter and lover of all things Autumn. I’m 29, and I live with my husband, Howard, who is also a writer, and my daughter Ava, who is a two. We're expecting our second baby in April. Before becoming a Mama, I studied English at Durham and Creative Writing at Goldsmiths, and now I write a personal blog about motherhood here.

As a family we are dedicated to living and parenting as mindfully as possible. We love to create, and our home is the very centre of our lives, where we do most of our learning, reading and of course, playing. We are greatly inspired by the beauty of the changing seasons, Steiner philosophy and the incredible people that surround us.

As Unschoolers, we are dedicated to learning by experiencing the world directly and to following the individual passions and dreams of every member of our family. We dream of one day living in the States, in a big old farmhouse, on a homestead of our own.

Aside from time spent with my Little, I like to write, to read as much as possible and to make things, especially for Ava, her friends and our home. I also have an etsy store, MamaMake, with my friend Sam, where we sell handmade clothes, quilts, seasonal items and other gifts. 

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