Wednesday 22 August 2012

Tutorial - Masking Tape Watercolours

~by Kendal

On days like today, when the urge to be creative is there, accompanied by a distinct lack of energy, I like to crack open the paints. We do a lot of painting around here, and sometimes it’s nice to spice things up a little by adding a little masking tape. Masking tape, you say? Yes, really.

This is really easy and simple and yet the results can be spectacular. So pretty, that even the littlest Little feels mighty proud of their efforts.

All you need is watercolour paint, watercolour paper or card, salt, masking tape and a variety of brushes and sponges. (We like to use toothbrushes too!)

How to

First of all, apply some masking tape to watercolour paper or card. You can do any design you want. I love doing trees, but we also do stars, moons, and Ava's name, since it's one of the few words she can 'read' right now. (This part is usually a solo-Mama activity since my Little is not yet 2…but she does enjoy doing some sticking too, sometimes)

Next, paint! It’s good to use darker colours for more contrast, once the tape is removed, but obviously the effect of lots of mixed up colours works well too. Just as well, really.

Ava chose one of her costumes to do some painting in, which is fine because these watercolours come straight out in the wash. A necessary precaution..

While the paint is still wet, sprinkle a generous amount of salt on top. The salt soaks up some of the paint as it dries and creates a beautiful 'grainy' texture on the paint. (I let Ava do all the salt sprinkling which meant very little ended up on the paint...and the effect was barely noticeable this time around!)

And that’s it! Now all you have to do is wait for the paint to dry, which usually only takes a couple of hours max.

(I like to make up some different masking tape scenes the night before so that when we come down in the morning there is a crafty activity ready and waiting on the table. Accompanied by a few blueberries…it’s a good pre-breakfast way to say hello to the day.)

Once the paint is dry, carefully remove the masking tape to reveal some lovely shapes.

Finally, hang on the walls wherever your 'Art Gallery' may be!

Ava, in cloak, showing off her gallery to Daddy


  1. Brilliant,.will be trying this with the kiddies,.thanks for sharing and love the photos of Ava dressed up Xx

  2. The trees are so pretty! Trying to figure out how I can legitimately do this on my living room walls!

    Beautiful girl too ;-)