Wednesday 5 December 2012

Crafty Tutorial: Winter Waldorf Stars

~by Kendal

Good Wednesday to you! Today, I am off on a hen do to London and back and may, by the time you're reading this, already be there. It's going to be a very long, but very exciting day (although this will be the longest time I've been away from my Little Miss, so I'm a tad nervous too - 18 hours apart!)

So I bring you a very simple and easy tutorial - how to make Winter Waldorf stars. I made my first Waldorf star in summer, but didn't quite get it right (I didn't realise this until Emi pointed out my obvious mistake) Since then, I've made a lot more, and I just love them.

My good friend Anna mentioned how, at her Steiner school, they'd make white ones at winter and I thought, 'What a good idea - I must try this come December..' (Anna will kindly be writing a post about her experiences of Steiner education in the weeks following Ezra's birth)

So, here it is!


Tissue paper

(You can use tougher material, like kite paper, or even card, but I usually use tissue paper and it works well)

How to:

1. First cut your tissue paper up into squares. 8 to be exact.

2. Take your first square, and fold it in half.

Then fold it in half again. When you open it up, your square will be divided into four little squares

3. Fold each corner into the center until you have a smaller square.

Then, fold two of the sides into the middle, like so, making a kite shape.

4. Repeat this 8 times until you have 8 kite shapes.

5. Using some craft glue or pritt stick, put a little on one half of the shorter side, as shown below:

6. Stick 2 of the kites together.

Then, repeat with all remaining kites, until you get a beautiful big star shape. (Note, on the last kite, you will stick it on to the previous kite, and then stick the first kite onto it, thereby completing the round)

7. And...there you have it! A Waldorf star!

Now, stick them onto your windows (or if you're so inclined, your walls...)

And see how pretty they look as the light shines through. The perfect simple Yule decoration!

'For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.'
Vincent Van Gogh


  1. These are so pretty, and I love your dining room too!

    1. Well thank you! I love it too - it's just how we want it to be right now, a place for A's big wooden toys, all our art and crafty things, and of course, where we eat and make plans!

      I've convinced a couple of my friends to help me sort out the garden too so that come Spring it is pretty to look upon! :)


  2. We did these yesterday, lovely, and looks very festive. Sounds silly but I wouldn't have thought of doing them in white!

  3. Tried to do these yesterday with Ben but he just ripped the paper. Might have to wait til he is 2 + ! I did the rest when he was in bed and out living room window is now looking so pretty and starry!

    1. Oh dear! Yes Ava is still a bit rough to play with tissue paper in any way other than rip it and scrunch it!


  4. Hi! Love these, never done them before! What's the best way to stick these to the window? I made a really big floppy one and not sure how to stick it!

    1. Thanks! I use a little bit of white craft glue and dab a dot on the end of each point, then just hold each point in place for a few seconds whilst your other hand is propping up the star in the middle!