Monday 12 November 2012

Crafty Tutorial - Lanterns

 ~ by Emi

I love fire.

I really do.

There's something magical about the way it moves and I can easily get lost in watching a candle gleam and flicker. There's something hopeful about that tiny little flame lighting up the darkness and bringing light to those who need it.

Ru has inherited my pyromaniacal tendencies; he's as spellbound by flame as I am. I remember when he was smaller, he used to sit on my knee and simply watch the tiny lights of our candles dance in the dark.

Given that it's getting darker earlier as the Winter draws in, I thought I'd make some lanterns.

These are perfect for any celebration, be it Christingle, Diwali, Hannukah, or otherwise. Many of the Pagan celebrations in the darker half of the year celebrate light within the darkness, indeed Yule is a celebration *about* the world returning to life, and light, after the deep rest of Winter, so as a family we tend to make a LOT of light-related crafty things this time of year.

You will need only a few supplies for these, and they're really quick to make too.

You'll need some clean glass jars, PVA glue, paintbrushes, tissue paper ripped into small pieces, glitter and tea lights.

Firstly, arrange your supplies. And child. Don't forget the child, that's the *most* important bit.

Now, we're going to liberally cover the outside of the glass jars with PVA glue. I cannot tell you how much Ru LOVED this part! I'm pretty sure he spent more time stirring and dripping the gloop than he did actually doing the activity itself!

Once suitably covered, start sticking on your tissue paper pieces. We used white and three different blues for a wintry feel, but you could choose whatever colours you like best. when you've stuck the tissue paper over it in one full layer, give it another coating of glue and then more tissue paper.

This is mine...

Now, I'd advise putting glue on the *sides* of the jar and NOT on the bottom. However, my artistic toddler has a creative, avant garde bent, and got a little carried away, so his lantern ended up like this...

Well, you gotta love his enthusiasm.

Anyway, next, give your jar one final light coating of glue and then sprinkle glitter on to it, again we used blues and silver. Leave them to dry.

Once they've properly dried, simply light a tea light candle and drop it in, then bask in the glittery glowy goodness...

It would be easy to make these in other colour schemes, reds and oranges for Autumn, pastels for Spring etc. I'm thinking we need a full set of seven, each one a different colour of the rainbow.

As with any open flames, make sure they are out of the reach of children and pets and that you don't leave them unattended.

Kendal and I love to see the things you've made from our Crafty Tutorials, so don't forget to post photos of your creations on the Crafty by Nurture Facebook page!

"At times, our own light goes out
and is rekindled by a spark
from another person.
Each of us has cause to think
with deep gratitude of those
who have lighted the flame
within us."~ Albert Schweitzer


  1. 'Pyromaniacal Tendencies'. That really made me giggle.

    Love these, so simple and so pretty.

  2. Is this a Pagan site?

    1. Hi there!

      No, it is not a Pagan site. Kendal isn't a Pagan, but as my husband and I are.

      As Pagans, Stephen and I like to do activities with our children that tie into the festivals we celebrate. When I then share tutorials for them on here, I like to explain *why* we're doing that specific activity. They are things that can be incorporated into ANY home of ANY religion; Crafty by Nurture aims to be inclusive!

      Since we aim to talk openly about our lives, we will of course refer to these things sometimes.

      I don't read Pagan parenting blogs myself, but if that's what you are specifically looking for, I have included links to a couple below for you that I know some of my Pagan Parental friends enjoy.

      E, x

  3. Rainbow lanterns! yes yes YES! (these look lovely, thank you)x