Saturday 8 September 2012

CBN Interview - Washed Up Family jewellery

Today, we bring you an interview with the lovely Angie and Luke Griffiss-Williams, parents to Grace and Jude, creators and designers of stunning seaglass jewellery at Washed Up Family. They've joined us today to talk to us about their business, parenting and offer a giveaway!

Tell us about yourselves…

We are both 36. Angie is a SAHM to Grace and Jude. Luke is a photographer, a painter and wears a very big hat. He has been involved in the arts from a young age and studied art at college but has only recently considered going full-time as an artist.

Tell us about Grace and Jude…
Grace is 3 ¾. She likes to paint and visit Nannie. She also loves bouncy castles and having her face painted. She is a whirlwind and an adrenaline junkie!
Jude is 8 months and is much more placid. She likes milk, cuddles and playing with her big sister.

Why did you decide to start Washed Up Family?
We discovered some sea glass on a family walk along the beach and thought it would be fun to make some jewellery. We really enjoyed making something beautiful from something discarded. A couple of friends encouraged us to sell some pieces.

When creating your jewellery, what inspires you?Designs are rarely pre-planned. Instead we try to pick interesting pieces of glass and then allow the wire to dictate the design based on the natural curves of the glass.

What is the hardest thing about balancing parenthood and crafting?
Actually, the listing of items in our shop and the computer work side of things is more difficult than the actual crafting which we can do as a family.  We have a lot of late nights!

How do you include Grace and Jude in your crafting?
We all collect as a family – Grace loves collecting and has found some of our best pieces so far. Jude is still a little small, but comes with us in the sling.

What items do you enjoy crafting the most?
Luke likes working with the thicker wire and more chunky glass to the more delicate pieces. Angie really enjoys collecting and sorting the gems from the less usable pieces.

Is there anything you are particularly excited about/proud of in your shop right now?
It’s really nice to have such variation in the shop right now – and it’s so exciting seeing someone wearing our jewellery and getting pleasure from it. We love selling at Craft Fairs and markets because we get to see that first hand.

Where do you see Washed Up Family going next?We are on the search for driftwood wood to make sea glass mobiles and windchimes. We are considering making bracelets and Angie would really like to have a go at making earrings.

How has becoming parents changed your relationship with one another?
We are less spontaneous now and stay closer to home. It has cemented the way we work as a team though.

What is your favourite thing to do, just for yourself?
Luke really likes to sketch and Angie would really like a bath alone every now and then!

What is the worst parenting moment you’ve ever experienced?
Grace is a bolter, and trying to keep track of her, particularly in shops or busy areas can be challenging at best. A particularly terrifying moment was when Grace darted into a lift and was out of the front door of a department store before we managed to get down the stairs. Fortunately, there was a bookshop next door and we found her sitting happily reading without a care in the world – unlike her parents!

What springs to mind when you think of one of your favourite parenting memories?
Seeing the whole family curled up in our new superking size bed after Jude’s birth.

What are the best, and worst, pieces of parenting advice you’ve been given?

The worst was “you need to stop breastfeeding as soon as possible, or all your hair will fall out”! The best was to “ascribe the best possible motive to your child’s behaviour”.

What has most surprised you on your parenting journey?The willingness of people to help out – there have been times when we have both been ill, and people have really rallied to help us. That’s been amazing. Also, how much harder two is than one!

If you could change one thing about the world today to make it better for your child, what would it be?The majority of the world’s problems can be summed up as the dehumanization of people – whether it’s two people or two nations fighting, children being used as labour, allowing people to starve, it all centres around seeing others as less than human, and as having less value than ourselves. If we could change one thing, it would be that culture of dehumanization.

And finally, tell us about your generous giveaway today!

We are offering any one item from the shop as a giveaway to one of your readers, and we have a 3-for-2 code for everyone who doesn’t win! A perfect opportunity to stock up for the holiday season!

The code is CBN2012, and is valid until the end of the year. To use the 3 for 2 code, please buy two items from the shop, and send us a “conversation” containing the code and free item you would like, which must be the same price or lower than the other items. Please do not buy all three and use the Etsy voucher code tool - it won’t work for a 3 for 2.

To win, simply head over to Washed Up Family's Etsy store HERE, find your favourite piece amongst all the beautiful goodies there, and leave a comment here telling us why that one called to you.

The winner will be chosen using a random number generator at 7pm on Monday 10th September.

You can also find Washed Up Family on Facebook too!


  1. This one is my favourite. :)

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    I fell in love with this one as soon as I saw it. The colour of the sea glass, and the swirls of the wire work. Beautiful, and a lovely interview too!

    1. Well done, Claire! You won the Washed Up Family jewellery giveaway!

      Just throw Angie a PM, and I'm sure she'll sort you out! x

  4. I love Green A026 with the red wire; that would look great with my dark jeans and red boots!

  5. Big decisions with So much choice. I like A005, I could use a reminder of the sea.

  6. My friend Emma Nichols says she left a comment but it didn't show up. She's done a great job of sharing your link - please could she still be included in the draw! Thanks!